Information Management according to BS EN ISO 19650

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This guidance has been written to help individuals and organisations in the UK to understand the fundamental principles of building information modelling (BIM) according to BS EN ISO 19650 Parts 1 and 2. These are referred to in the rest of this guidance as the ISO 19650 series, ISO 19650 Part 1 or ISO 19650 Part 2. The ISO 19650 series has been written with the new user in mind, in other words someone who is not familiar with the 1192 standards.

Part 1: Concepts, has been updated to reflect comments received on the first edition launched in April.

This is the first release of the UK’s Guidance Part 2: Processes for Project Delivery, supporting BS EN ISO 19650 Parts 1, which complements the Guidance Part 1 and focusses on providing guidance for the different parties that are mentioned throughout ISO 19650. 

This transition guidance has been prepared specifically to help the existing users of BS 1192 and PAS 1192 2 understand any changes made between the UK’s existing standards, and the ISO documents which have replaced them. More comprehensive guidance (Information Management according to BS EN ISO 19650) is being prepared to facilitate understanding of how to implement BS EN ISO 19650 as a whole rather than simply highlighting the changes and is available above. This transition guidance should therefore be regarded as a stepping stone and, in the meantime, existing users of BIM Level 2 will still find it useful to refer to previous guidance for BS 1192:2007+A2:2016 and PAS 1192 2:2013.


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The European BIM Handbook

BIM Level 2 Explained     

Handbook for the introduction of Building Information Modelling by the European Sector.

BIM Level 2 Explained - Download now


Exemplar Process Maps

These exemplar process maps illustrate how defined and mapped information requirements ensure that organisations procure and are supplied with verified, appropriately controlled information to the right Level of Definition. Information requirements can also inform governance gateways (decisions points where key questions need to be answered to enable approval). These questions are referred to as Plain Language Questions (PLQ).

The following resources are available to view:

MCC Schools Process Map (PDF)

MCC Library POE (PDF)

Local Government exemplar BIM Process Map (PDF)

Product data definition

This draft technical specification is intended to provide a consistent methodology for the definition, creation, management and sharing of product information through the life cycle of an asset based on the purpose of that information, and by whom the information is to be used.  This draft  does not constitute a standard that has been developed through a recognised and independent consensus-building process.”

Product data definition - Download document (PDF)