Access ability of reaching and using a service or facility [from BS 8536-1]

Accessibility ease of reaching and using a service or facility [from BS 8536-1]

Activity task that is needed to produce a deliverable [from BS 8536-1]

Adaptability possibility of changing characteristics such as volume, function or space in order to meet new demands or needs [from BS 8536-1]

Aftercare defined period post-handover of an asset/facility in which the design and construction team passes on information and knowledge to the operator, operations team or facility manager, responds to queries and problems, and monitors and reviews the asset’s/facility’s performance [from BS 8536-1]

Alignment achieving complete agreement between the contents of an information model and the state of a physical asset [from PAS 1192-3]

Archive component of the common data environment (CDE) [from PAS 1192-2]

As-built as-constructed, component of the common data environment (CDE) [from PAS 1192-2]

As constructed information expression of the design, its working detail, construction work and/or installations, functions and operation and maintenance needs of an asset/facility in a form suitable for use in managing that asset/facility [from BS 8536-1]

Asset terms For the purposes of this part of BS 1192, the terms and definitions given in BS 1192:2007, PAS 1192 2 and PAS 1192 3 and the following apply [from BS 1192-4]

  • Asset(s) includes the overall Facility (3.1.2) and the constituent aspects Space (location) (3.1.3), Floor (region) (3.1.4), Zone (3.1.5), Component (3.1.6), Type (3.1.7) and System (3.1.8) [from BS 1192-4]
  • item, thing or entity that has potential or actual value to an organization [from BS ISO 55000:2014]
  • Facility named distinct operational built or geographic asset, typically a building or section of infrastructure along with details and extent of the geographic site and of the temporal project [from BS 1192-4]
  • Space (location) named location for activities such as use, inspection or maintenance, including un occupied or un inhabitable spaces, but not necessarily inaccessible voids [from BS 1192-4]
  • Floor (region) named intermediate spatial subdivision, including distinct vertical levels and horizontal areas and sections with Spaces allocated [from BS 1192-4]
  • Zone named set of Spaces (locations) sharing a specific attribute, such as activity, access, management or conditioning [from BS 1192-4]
  • Component named and individually scheduled physical items and features that might require management, such as inspection, maintenance, servicing or replacement, during the in use phase [from BS 1192-4]
  • Type named specification for Components including equipment, products and materials [from BS 1192-4]
  • System named set of manageable Components providing a common function [from BS 1192-4]

Asset information data or information relating to the specification, design, construction or acquisition, operation and maintenance, and disposal or decommissioning of an item, thing or entity that has potential or actual value to an organization [from BS 1992-5]

Asset information management discipline of managing asset-related organizational data and information to a sufficient quality to support organizational objectives and outcomes [from PAS 1192-3]

Asset information model (AIM) maintained information model used to manage, maintain and operate the asset [from PAS 1192-2]

data and information that relate to assets to a level required to support an organization’s asset management system [from PAS 1192-3]


Asset information requirements (AIR) data and information requirements of the organization in relation to the asset(s) for which it is responsible [from PAS 1192-3]

Asset management coordinated activity of an organization to realize value from assets [from PAS 1192-3]

Asset management system management system for asset management whose function is to establish the asset management policy and asset management objective [from PAS 1192-3]

Asset owner individual or organization that owns the built asset and any associated asset information, is the asset operator or licensee, or is the operator of the system of which the built asset is a component [from BS 1992-5]

Attribute piece of data forming a partial description of an object or entity [from PAS 1192-2]

Author originator of model files, drawings or documents [from PAS 1192-2]

Baseline security measures contractually required measures relating to personal and commercial information [from BS 1992-5]

Basis for design information and data concerning the required function, form, layout, specification and operation of an asset/facility amongst other matters [from BS 8536-1]

Brief working document which specifies at any point in time the relevant needs and aims, resources of the client and user, the context of the project and any appropriate design requirements within which all subsequent briefing (when needed) and designing can take place [from BS 8536-1]

Briefing process of identifying and analysing the needs, aims and constraints (the resources and the context) of the client and the relevant parties, and of formulating any resulting problems that the designer is required to solve [from BS 8536-1]

Buildability degree to which the design of a planned asset/facility assists its construction and utilization [from BS 8536-1]

Building information modelling execution plan (BEP) plan prepared by the suppliers to explain how the information modelling aspects of a project will be carried out [from PAS 1192-2]

Building information modelling (BIM) process of designing, constructing or operating a building or infrastructure asset using electronic object-oriented information [from PAS 1192-2]

discrete set of electronic object-oriented information used for design, construction and operation of a built asset [from BS 1992-5]


Built asset building, multiple buildings (e.g. a site or campus) or built infrastructure (e.g. roads, railways, pipelines, dams, docks, etc.) that is the subject of a construction project or where the asset information is held in a digital format [from BS 1992-5]

Built asset security manager individual reporting directly to, or employed by, the employer or asset owner and undertaking the role of security management [from BS 1992-5]

Carbon emissions polluting carbon substances released into the atmosphere [from BS 8536-1]

Carbon metric measure of the weight of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2 eq) emitted per square metre per annum (based on greenhouse gas emissions over a 100 year period), expressed as kgCO2 eq/m2/annum per building type [from BS 8536-1]

Capital/delivery phase major works where information is managed using PAS 1192-2:2013 and an asset is designed, procured and delivered [from PAS 1192-3]

Clash rendition rendition of the native format model file to be used specifically for spatial coordination processes [from PAS 1192-2]

Classification systematic arrangement of headings and sub-headings for aspects of construction work including the nature of assets, construction elements, systems and products [from PAS 1192-2]

Client individual or organization commissioning a built asset [from PAS 1192-2]

COBie (Construction Operation Building information exchange) structured facility information for the commissioning, operation and maintenance of a project often in a neutral spreadsheet format that will be used to supply data to the employer or operator to populate decision-making tools, facilities management and asset management systems as BS 1192-4:2014 Collaborative production of information Part 4: Fulfilling employers information exchange requirements using COBie – Code of practice [from PAS 1192-2]

structured asset information for the commissioning, operation and maintenance of an asset often in a neutral spreadsheet format that will be used to supply data to the organization to populate decision-making tools and asset management systems [from PAS 1192-3; adapted from PAS 1192-2:2013 to refer to an asset rather than a project]


subset of BS ISO 16739 IFC documented as a building SMART model view definition (MVD) which includes operational information [from BS 1192-4]


Code sequence of characters, often a mnemonic, having defined meaning when interpreted in the context of the field in which it is entered, used to concisely convey meta-data [from BS 1192]

Commissioning process by which equipment, a system, a facility or a plant that is installed, is completed or near completion is tested to verify if it functions according to its design specification and intended application [from BS 8536-1]

Common data environment (CDE) single source of information for any given project, used to collect, manage and disseminate all relevant approved project documents for multi-disciplinary teams in a managed process [from PAS 1192-2]

single source of information for any given project or asset, used to collect, manage and disseminate all relevant approved files, documents and data for multidisciplinary teams in a managed process [from PAS 1192-3; adapted from PAS 1192-2:2013 to refer to an asset rather than a facility]


Configuration management co-ordinated activities to direct and control configuration [from PAS 1192-2]

Container named persistent set of data within a file system or application data storage hierarchy including, but not limited to, directory, sub-directory, data file, or distinct sub-set of a data file, such as a chapter or section, layers or symbol [from BS 1192]

Conventional Cartesian axis geometric convention using positive co-ordinates (X, Y, Z) ordered as (East, North, upwards), so that conventional plans use X, Y; and Z is upwards [from BS 1192]

Cyber hygiene conditions and practices that serve to promote or preserve cyber safety and security by individual system users [from PAS 1192-5]

Cyber-physical system (CPS) system designed as an entity, or set of entities, with a specific purpose, or to meet a capability objective [from PAS 1192-5]

Data information stored but not yet interpreted or analysed [from PAS 1192-2]

observations that in context yield information [from PAS 1992-3]


Data manager organizational representative responsible for establishing governance and assuring data and information flow to and from the AIM [from PAS 1992-3]

Data store repository for data within the AIM [from PAS 1992-3]

Deliverable product or service as an outcome of a process [from BS 8536-1]

Design intent model initial version of the project information model (PIM) developed by the design suppliers [from PAS 1192-2]

Design review protocol procedure for ensuring a structured and systematic review of a design at defined points in the project life cycle [from BS 8536-1]

Design team sub-set of the project delivery team and/or task team that is involved in the delivery of the brief, concept, definition and design stages of the project [from PAS 1192-5]

Digital Plan of Work (dPoW) generic schedule of phases, roles, responsibilities, assets and attributes, made available in a computable form [from BS 1192-4]

Document container for persistent information that can be managed and interchanged as a unit [from BS 1192]

information for use in the briefing, design, construction, operation, maintenance or decommissioning of a construction project, including but not limited to correspondence, drawings, schedules, specifications, calculations, spreadsheets [from PAS 1192-2]


Drawing document used to present graphic information [from BS 1192]

static, printed, graphical representation of part or all of a project or asset [from PAS 1192-2]


EIR pre-tender document setting out the information to be delivered, and the standards and processes to be adopted by the supplier as part of the project delivery process [from BS 1192-4]

Electronic document management system (EDMS) system for storing, retrieving, sharing and otherwise managing electronic documents [from PAS 1192-2]

Employer individual or organization named in an appointment or building contract as the employer [from PAS 1192-2]

Employer’s information requirements (EIR) tender document setting out the information to be delivered, and the standards and processes to be adopted by the supplier as part of the project delivery process [from PAS 1192-2]

End user person receiving asset/facility related services [from BS 8536-1]

Enterprise entity constituting multiple organizations within the supply chain [from PAS 1192-5]

External envelope roof and facade including openings [from BS 8536-1]

Facilities management integration of processes within an organization to maintain and develop the agreed services that support and improve the effectiveness of its primary processes and activities [from BS 8536-1]

Facility tangible asset that supports an organization [from BS 8536-1]

Facility handbook organized collection of documentation covering the operation of an asset/facility [from BS 8536-1]

Facility related service support provision to the primary processes and activities of an organization, delivered by an internal or external provider [from BS 8536-1]

Field part of a container name reserved for meta-data [from BS 1192]

File store repository for information within the asset information model [from PAS 1992-3]

Flawless start up fault free commencement of operations [from BS 8536-1]

Gate (stage) division of a standardised process map for the acquisition of a facility, at some of which the requirements can be delivered [from PAS 1192-2]

Graphical data data conveyed using shape and arrangement in space [from PAS 1192-2]

Handover the stage of a capital/delivery project where the asset is made available for use or occupation [from PAS 1992-3]

act of passing responsibility for, and control over, an asset/facility to the owner or operator following testing and commissioning [from BS 8536-1]


Hostile reconnaissance activity of acquiring information about a target with the view to planning to attack, compromise, disrupt or destroy that target [from PAS 1192-5]

Impact any change that might be adverse or beneficial [from BS 8536-1]

Inclusive design design that seeks to include everyone irrespective of needs, circumstances or identity [from BS 8536-1]

Information representation of data in a formal manner suitable for communication, interpretation or processing by human beings or computer applications [from PAS 1192-2]

data arranged and processed into meaningful patterns, put into context [from PAS 1992-3]


Information exchange structured collection of information at one of a number of pre-defined stages of a project [from BS 8536-1]

Information manager organizational representative appointed by the employer or asset owner, who is responsible for establishing governance and assuring data and information flow to and from the common data environment (CDE) during the design, construction, operation and maintenance, and disposal or decommissioning of a built asset [from PAS 1192-5]

Information management tasks and procedures applied to inputting, processing and generation activities to ensure accuracy and integrity of information [from PAS 1192-2]

policies, processes, procedures and tasks applied to inputting, processing and generation activities to ensure accuracy, authenticity, confidentiality and integrity of information [from PAS 1192-5]


Information management process (IMP) process to manage information related to the operational phase of an asset [from PAS 1992-3]

Information model model comprising: documentation, non-graphical information and graphical information [from PAS 1192-2]

Information modelling use of data to provide information through better understanding, by applying logic or mathematical functions to derive new data [from PAS 1192-2]

Instance occurrence of an entity at a particular location and orientation within a model [from BS 1192]

Key performance indicator (KPI) measure that provides essential information about the performance of asset/facility related services delivery [from BS 8536-1]

Layer container comprising selected entities, typically used to group for purposes of selective display, printing and management operations [from BS 1192]

Lean production focused on delivering value for the employer or client and eliminating all non-value-adding activities using an efficient workflow [from PAS 1192-2]

Level of definition collective term used for and including “level of model detail” and the “level of information detail” [from PAS 1192-2]

Maintainer individual, department or organization engaged by either the owner or operator of an asset to carry out maintenance on or in connection with that asset [from PAS 1992-3]

Maintenance combination of all technical and associated administrative actions to retain or restore an asset to a state in which it can perform its required function [from PAS 1992-3]

Master information delivery plan (MIDP) primary plan for when project information is to be prepared, by whom and using what protocols and procedures, incorporating all relevant task information delivery plans [from PAS 1192-2]

Major works works where information is managed using PAS 1192-2:2013 [from PAS 1992-3]

Management of assets operational activities carried out on assets in support of those assets meeting their requirements [from PAS 1992-3]

Meta-data data used for the description and management of documents and other containers of information [from BS 1192]

Minor works works carried out on an asset where information is managed using this PAS [from PAS 1992-3]

Model collection of containers organized to represent the physical parts of objects, for example a building or a mechanical device [from BS 1192]

Need-to-know grant of access to data or information relating to sensitive assets and systems for an individual or organization where such access must be necessary in order for them to perform their role satisfactorily and safely [from PAS 1192-5]

Neighbouring built assets built assets that share a boundary (including beneath it or overhead) with the built asset under consideration, or that are in the neighbourhood of that built asset but physically separated by a public or private street, public or privately-owned open space or similar features [from PAS 1192-5]

Non-graphical data data conveyed using alphanumeric characters [from PAS 1192-2]

Occupant user who spends a significant proportion of their time in or about a facility [from BS 8536-1]

Operability capable of being put into use as intended [from BS 8536-1]

Operational strategy overall approach to managing the production or use of an asset/facility [from BS 8536-1]

Operations team functional group responsible for the day to day running and maintenance of an asset/facility [from BS 8536-1]

Operator organization that uses an asset to create value but does not own the asset [from PAS 1992-3]

organization responsible for the day to day operation of an asset/facility [from BS 8536-1]


Operational information terms [from BS 1192-4]

  • Operational information information specifiying operational activity associated to Types
  • Job named task or activity during the in use phase associated to Types
  • Resource named material or skill required to execute Jobs
  • Spare named replaceable part associated to Types

Organization person or group of people that has its own functions with responsibilities, authorities and relationships to achieve its objectives [from PAS 1992-3]

Organizational information requirements (OIR) data and information required to achieve the organization’s objectives [from PAS 1992-3]

Originator agent responsible for production of a container [from BS 1192]

Owner organization that owns an asset and uses the asset either directly or indirectly to create value [from PAS 1992-3]

individual or organization owning or procuring an asset/facility [from BS 8536-1]


Performance ability to fulfil required functions under intended use conditions or behaviour when in use [from BS 8536-1]

Personally identifiable information personal data as defined in the Data Protection Act 1998 [1]

[from PAS 1192-5]


Personnel individuals employed by an organization, including contractors or temporary staff used to fulfil roles that may be undertaken by that organization [from PAS 1192-5]

Plain language questions questions asked of the supply chain by the employer to inform decision-making at key stages of an asset life cycle or project [from PAS 1992-3]

request for information that is expressed in simple, easy to understand terms [from BS 8536-1]


Post occupancy evaluation (POE) process of evaluating an asset/facility after it has been completed and is in use to understand its actual performance against that required and to capture lessons learned [from BS 8536-1]

Project delivery team group of organizations or individuals contracted either directly or indirectly to deliver services or products to the project [from PAS 1192-2]

group of organizations or individuals contracted either directly or indirectly to deliver services or products to the project, and personnel from the employer or asset owner who are directly involved in the management, planning and delivery of the project [from PAS 1192-5]


Project execution strategy high level statement of the intentions and arrangements for a project [from BS 8536-1]

Project implementation plan (PIP) statement relating to the suppliers’ IT and human resources capability to deliver the EIR [from PAS 1192-2]

Project information model (PIM) information model developed during the design and construction phase of a project [from PAS 1192-2]

Quality degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfils requirements [from BS 8536-1]

RACI indicator abbreviation used to identify which of a group of participants or stakeholders are responsible for (“R”), authorize (“A”), contribute to (“C”) or are to be kept informed about (“I”) a project activity [from PAS 1192-2]

RAG report performance report summarizing a series of assessments as red (does not meet requirement), amber (does not meet requirement but plan in place to bring up to standard), or green (meets requirement) [from PAS 1992-3]

Risk appetite a function of an organization’s capacity to bear risk [from PAS 1192-5]

Scope of work design, construction work and/or installation, testing and commissioning, handover and start up activities necessary to deliver an operational asset/facility [from BS 8536-1]

Security management a role in connection with the project or the management of the asset which is responsible for security of the built asset and associated asset information during the design, construction, operation and maintenance, and disposal or decommissioning of a built asset [from PAS 1192-5]

Security-minded the understanding and routine application of appropriate and proportionate security measures in any business situation so as to deter and/or disrupt hostile, malicious, fraudulent and criminal behaviours or activities [from PAS 1192-5]

Sensitive built asset built asset, as a whole or in part, that may be of interest to a threat agent for hostile, malicious, fraudulent and/or criminal behaviours or activities [from PAS 1192-5]

Sensitive information information, the loss, misuse or modification of which, or unauthorized access to, could: adversely affect the privacy, welfare or safety of an individual or individuals; compromise intellectual property or trade secrets of an organization; cause commercial or economic harm to an organization or country; and/or jeopardize the security, internal and foreign affairs of a nation, depending on the level of sensitivity and nature of the information [from PAS 1192-5]

Service level complete description of requirements of a product, process or system, with their characteristics [from BS 8536-1]

Smart the application of autonomous or semi-autonomous technology systems to achieve greater utilization of resources, limiting or reducing per capita resource consumption to maintain or improve quality of life [from PAS 1192-5]

Smart city effective integration of physical, digital and human systems in the built environment to deliver a sustainable, prosperous and inclusive future for its citizens [from PAS 1192-5]

Smart grid electricity network that uses ICT to integrate the actions of all users connected to it – generators, consumers and those that do both – in order to efficiently deliver sustainable, economic and secure electricity supplies [from PAS 1192-5]

Soft landings graduated handover of a built asset from the design and construction team to the operation and maintenance team to allow structured familiarization of systems and components and fine tuning of controls and other building management systems [from PAS 1192-2]

process for the graduated handover of a new or refurbished asset/facility, where a defined period of aftercare by the design and construction team is an owner’s requirement that is planned and developed from the outset of the project [from BS 8536-1]


Stage division of a standardized process map for the acquisition of a facility, at some of which the requirements can be delivered [from BS 8536-1]

Stakeholder person, group or organization that has interests in, or can affect, be affected by or perceive itself to be affected by, any aspect of the project [from BS 8536-1]

Stakeholder impact analysis method for evaluating the influence that stakeholders possess in regard to an organization, asset/facility or project [from BS 8536-1]

Standard method and procedure (SMP) set of standard methods and procedures covering the way information is named, expressed and referenced [from PAS 1192-2]

Statement of needs expression of the objectives and needs of an individual or organization and the extent to which they are likely to be satisfied by an asset/facility [from BS 8536-1]

Steady state stable operation and use [from BS 8536-1]

Sub-model model included as an instance in another model [from BS 1192]

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems that collect operational data from assets to support supervisory and other managerial activities [from PAS 1992-3]

Supplementary information terms [from BS 1192-4]

  • Supplementary information additional descriptive information associated to the assets
  • Document named external document associated to an asset
  • Attribute named specific characteristic associated to an asset
  • Impact named economic and environmental measure, such as cost and CO2 emissions, associated to an asset
  • Issue named deficiency in the information or risk associated to the assets
  • Assembly named physical aggregation of a Type or Component into another Type or Component where both the overall (owning) assembly part and the constituent (owned) part has significance for their operation and use; for example, having different attributes, replacement parts, preventative maintenance schedules or warranties
  • Contact named person and/or organization involved in the Facility lifecycle
  • Coordinate named position associated to Facility, Floor (region), Space (location), Component or Assembly
  • Connection named logical relationship between two Components

Supplier provider of services or goods either directly to the employer or to another supplier in a supply chain [from PAS 1192-2]

Supplier information modelling assessment form form conveying the capability and experience of a supplier to carry out information modelling in a collaborative environment [from PAS 1192-2]

Supplier information technology assessment form form conveying the capability and IT resources of a supplier for exchanging information in a collaborative environment [from PAS 1192-2]

Supply chain capability assessment form form summarizing the human resource and IT capability of each organization in a supply chain [from PAS 1192-2]

Task information delivery plan (TIDP) federated lists of information deliverables by each task, including format, date and responsibilities [from PAS 1192-2]

Third party capability assessment form form conveying the information management and IT capabilities of non-design, non-construction organizations in a supply chain [from PAS 1192-2]

Threat potential cause of an incident which may result in harm to a system or organization [from PAS 1192-5]

Trigger planned or unplanned event that changes an asset or its status [from PAS 1992-3]

Trigger-related event response to a trigger and the reflection of the altered state of the asset in the AIM [from PAS 1992-3]

User individual using a built asset for its designed purpose [from PAS 1192-2]

Value improving practice practice with a demonstrated, statistically reliable connection between its use and a better outcome [from BS 8536-1]

Virtual construction model subsequent version of the project information model developed from the design intent model by the construction supplier and their supply chain [from PAS 1192-2]

Volume manageable spatial subdivision of a project, defined by the project team as a subdivision of the overall project that allows more than one person to work on the project models simultaneously and consistent with the analysis and design process [from PAS 1192-2]

Vulnerability weakness of an asset or group of assets that can be exploited by one or more threats [from PAS 1192-5]