Digital plans of work

A digital plan of work enables an employer to define the deliverables required at each stage of a construction project – from developing the strategy through to managing the asset. The content from the plan of work develops over as more information is known about the project. It should be made available to all participants on the project so that they know who must deliver what information and when.

Digital project lifecycle

The digital project lifecycle as defined by PAS 1192-2

A benefits a digital plan of work bring to a project include:

  • A framework for informed, consistent decision making by all parties including the client, enabling each member of the team, at each work stage, to deliver agreed and consistent levels of geometry, data and documentation to construction clients.
  • An enabler for collaboration, providing transparent definition of agreed deliverables from each contributing party at every single project work stage. This approach enables each party to understand their shared obligations to the project.
  • A framework for the clear allocation of responsibility for deliverables in appointments and contracts, ensuring clarity regarding “who should deliver what to whom” to be established at the start of a project and be appropriately monitored during the project.

As part of the Innovate UK funded BIM Toolkit project a free-to-use online tool was developed that allows project teams the ability to develop a digital plan of work. This project also provides clear guidance to system and product providers as to the types and detail of information they should deliver teams working on BIM projects.

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