Designer or Constructor

As a designer or constructor you will be involved in the delivery of the brief, concept, definition and design stages of the project.

You will be primarily concerned and tasked with answering to a brief provided by the client, BIM level 2 enables designers and contractors to work collaboratively to produce the best possible designs and to test them in the computer before they are built. The Level 2 processes help support an integrated approach for design and co-ordination of complex components and systems cutting out waste and reducing the risk of errors. Accurate and more complete data may improve quality of bids, reducing risk allowances in target prices and lump sum bids. The data rich 3D models input into the assessment of the impact changes at all stages in a project lifecycle.

Listed below are the standards that will assist a Designer or Constructor to work at BIM Level 2 throughout the project life-cycle.

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Useful standards

BIM Level 2

PAS 1192-2:2013

PAS 1192-2 Specification for information management for the capital/delivery phase of construction projects using Building Information Modelling

PAS 1192-2 focuses specifically on project delivery, where the majority of graphical data, non-graphical data and documents, known collectively as the project information model (PIM), are accumulated from design and construction activities.

PAS 1192-2 provides an overview for:

  • Establishing Stage Plain Language Questions (PLQs)
  • Common Data Environment (CDE) Strategy

Template to assist with:

  • Establishing Employers Information Requirements (EIRs)
BIM Level 2

BS 1192-4:2014

Collaborative production of information Part 4: Fulfilling employers information exchange requirements using COBie

BS 1192 4 outlines the UK usage of COBie, an internationally agreed information exchange schema for exchanging facility information between the employer and the supply chain.

BS 1192-4 provides an overview for:

  • Collating Information
  • Creating COBie Deliverable
  • Transmitting COBie Deliverable
BIM Level 2

BS 8536-1:2015

Briefing for design and construction – Code of practice for facilities management

BS 8536-1:2015 gives recommendations for briefing for design and construction, to ensure that designers consider the expected performance of a building in use.

BS 8526-1 provides an overview for:

  • Testing and modelling design and operational strategy
  • Checking and confirming plans assumptions
  • Refinining design and construction approval

I am a...

I am a Client / Adviser

Commissioning a built asset

I am a Designer / Constructor

Delivering the brief, concept, definition and design

I am a Manufacturer / Supplier

Provider of services or goods

I am an Operator

Responsible for the on-going management and operation of the completed asset