Client or Advisor

As a client or advisor you will be an individual or organization commissioning a built asset.

You will be primarily concerned with the procurement of services and the final asset. BIM Level 2 enables:

  • Increased stakeholder understanding of the assets that are being commissioned
  • Definition and attainment of appropriate levels of data to support
  • Improve the decision making process and quality of project outcomes

At handover it provides a single source of as-built information and data to enable an efficient operational and maintenance strategy. The standards also enhance data security through better information management. The BIM Level 2 process can ultimately help reduce cost, project duration, risk, and improve value especially from a carbon perspective.

Listed below are the standards that will assist a Client or Advisor to work at BIM Level 2 throughout the project life-cycle.

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Useful standards

BIM Level 2

PAS 1192-2:2013

PAS 1192-2 Specification for information management for the capital/delivery phase of construction projects using Building Information Modelling

PAS 1192-2 focuses specifically on project delivery, where the majority of graphical data, non-graphical data and documents, known collectively as the project information model (PIM), are accumulated from design and construction activities.

PAS 1192-2 provides an overview for:

  • Establishing Stage Plain Language Questions (PLQs)
  • Common Data Environment (CDE) Strategy

Template to assist with:

  • Establishing Employers Information Requirements (EIRs)
BIM Level 2

PAS 1192-3:2014

Specification for information management for the operational phase of assets using Building Information Modelling

PAS 1192-3 provides guidance to Asset Managers on how to integrate the management of information across the longer term activity of asset management with the shorter term activity of asset construction for a portfolio of assets.
PAS 1192-3 provides an overview for:

  • Establishing Organization Information Requirements (OIR)
  • Establishing Asset Information Requirements (AIR)
BIM Level 2

BS 1192-4:2014

Collaborative production of information Part 4: Fulfilling employers information exchange requirements using COBie

BS 1192 4 outlines the UK usage of COBie, an internationally agreed information exchange schema for exchanging facility information between the employer and the supply chain.

BS 1192-4 provides an overview for:

  • Confirming the purpose of exchange facility information
  • Reviewing the Information Transfer
BIM Level 2

BS 8536-1:2015

Briefing for design and construction – Code of practice for facilities management

BS 8536-1:2015 gives recommendations for briefing for design and construction, to ensure that designers consider the expected performance of a building in use.

BS 8526-1 provides an overview for:

  • Identifying business needs and performance targets
  • Setting objectives and operational requirements
  • Reviewing operation assets and plan commissioning
  • Verifying commissioning and prepare for start up
BIM Level 2

PAS 1192-5:2015

Specification for security-minded building information modelling, digital built environment and smart asset management

PAS 1192-5 specifies requirements for security-minded management of BIM and digital built environments. It outlines the cyber-security vulnerabilities to hostile attack when using BIM and provides an assessment process to determine the levels of cyber-security for BIM collaboration which should be applied during all phases of the site and building lifecycle.

PAS 1192-5 provides an overview for:

  • Establishing Built Asset Security Strategy (BASS)
  • Creating Built Asset Security Management Plan (BASMP)
  • Determining Built Asset Security Information Requirements
  • Establishing Built Asset Risk Management
  • Creating Security Breach/Incident Management Plan (SB/IMP)

I am a...

I am a Client / Adviser

Commissioning a built asset

I am a Designer / Constructor

Delivering the brief, concept, definition and design

I am a Manufacturer / Supplier

Provider of services or goods

I am an Operator

Responsible for the on-going management and operation of the completed asset